Apple will reportedly add big upgrades to the next iPhone’s camera

  • Apple is reportedly planning a video Portrait mode with several new photo and video updates for the upcoming iPhone, Bloomberg reported Tuesday.
  • Apple typically does a big upgrade of the iPhone every other year and this year is expected to offer more moderate changes.

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Apple is planning several camera updates for the next iPhone, according to Bloomberg.

One feature, called Cinematic Video, will allow users to record video with portrait blurring effects, according to the report. Portrait photos allow people to take pictures of a subject and blur the background but, so far, the iPhone hasn't offered this option when you're recording video. Samsung phones have had it for a couple of years now.

Apple typically launches its new iPhones in September but, in 2020, it announced four new models in October due to production complications amid Covid-19.

An Apple spokesperson wasn't immediately available to comment on the report.

Apple typically offers a big iPhone upgrade every other year. This year's changes are expected to be more muted compared with 2020 when Apple redesigned the iPhone hardware and added support for faster 5G networks. It also introduced a new mini model and a Pro model with the largest screen ever on an iPhone.

The new iPhone will also reportedly offer a new filters system that will allow users to choose several style options to improve such things as color, shadow and contrast, Bloomberg said. The feature reportedly differs from the iPhone's current filters system because it uses artificial intelligence to make changes, according to Bloomberg.

A new ProRes video format, which is typically used by professional video editors, is also among the plans for the upcoming model, as is a higher refresh rate for the screens, according to the report. Most mid-range and high-end Android phones have offered higher refresh rates in recent years, and it makes uses such as scrolling through photos and websites feel smoother. Apple first introduced this feature in the iPad Pro.

Read more about the upcoming iPhone in Bloomberg.

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