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GitHub is ending Sponsors payments via PayPal

GitHub has announced that it’s ending the ability for Sponsors to make payments via PayPal.

In a statement, GitHub wrote:

“Starting on February 23, 2023, GitHub Sponsors will no longer support PayPal as a payments processor. As such, it will no longer be possible to sponsor individuals or organizations using PayPal.

If you are sponsoring anyone on GitHub using PayPal, please update your GitHub payment method to pay by credit or debit card.”

GitHub has not explained why it has decided to drop support for PayPal.

Sponsors was launched in 2019 to enable any organisation or individual that benefits from open-source to provide financial support to the developers building the solutions they rely on.

Financial contributions lead to better and more secure projects. Open-source developers can be compensated for their efforts to make it a viable career path.

“GitHub Sponsors could eventually lead to a better world where an open source maintainer generates enough income to bring on a second maintainer,” said David Nolen, Maintainer of Clojurescript.

Last year, GitHub announced the ability to create repositories that only sponsors have access to. Such repos help to incentivise open-source investments.

Aware that sponsor-only repos could be perceived as antithetical to open-source, GitHub made clear they should be used to give early access to projects or new features while supporting the development of the free version.

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